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I just know that with the whole FCA thing a lot of great young woman and men stood up to take the test for Jesus - To stand up for Christ and not be afraid to admit it.  I loved seeing young women and men stand up in there class and come to the meetings to hear what different peers, teachers, coaches, and others had to say about Jesus Christ or characters. We had some strong testimonies and also good lessons.  I personally saw some change in some students. I saw that the meetings opens there eyes to see what was really going on in the school and events. I was glad to see them stand up. I hope it continues to blossom into a awesome place to praise and worship the heavenly father.    ~ jackie~ fca leader  (Jackie was a 2005 graduate and student leader at Pettisville High School)

The Campus Ministry is initiated and led by student-athletes and coaches on junior high, high school and college campuses.  The programs of the Campus Ministry include Huddles, Team Bible Studies, Chapel Programs, Team FCA Membership, One Way 2 Play—Drug Free!  and Special Events.


The Bryan Middle School Huddle meets every Wednesday at 6:45 a.m. - talk about commitment!

The Patrick Henry FCA Huddle hosted a "Fun Night" on Friday, December 21st at Patrick Henry High School.  The evening began with a time of devotions, and over 40 students attended.  Mr. Creager and Mr. Pettit spoke to the students about committing their lives to Christ and treating others right.  Glenn Christiansen, a guest guitarist, also shared his talent at this event.  Several students participated with special music and talked to their peers abut the true meaning of Christmas and leading by example.
Pizza, pop, a grab bag gift exchange, and games followed the devotional time.  Throughout the evening over 75 students came to enjoy dodge ball, archery, corn hole, basketball, a three-point shooting contest, and Guitar Hero III.

Evergreen Middle School Huddle leader Glenn Christiansen and wife joined the Patrick Henry Huddle Leaders Jim Creager (middle) and Gregg Pettit (right). The FCA fun night included a time of praise, worship, and challenge.

Reaching into the Community
to "Make an Impact"

The Huddle Ministry of FCA


To have an active and effective Huddle in every junior high, high school and college in America that is presenting Christ through fellowship, growth and outreach.



The FCA Huddle grew out of a desire to continue the FCA Camping experience during the school year. The Huddle is a place where athletes and coaches grow spiritually, whether that means initial salvation or traveling further along the road toward spiritual maturity. The goals of the Huddle help us determine the methods we use. The goals of the Huddle include:



Fellowship is building a caring and accepting community where those seeking a deeper spiritual life are accepted and encouraged.  Examples: Praying together, making new people feel welcome, participating in Huddle activities, eating with friends, encouraging them to develop their talents.



Growth is developing a balanced Christian life that encourages a growing obedience to Jesus Christ.  Examples: Participating in Huddle meetings, reading the Bible regularly, taking notes on your Pastor’s sermons, joining a youth Bible study at your church, memorizing Scripture, having a daily "Quiet Time."


Outreach is demonstrating by words and deeds to the world around us our relationship with Christ.  Examples: Praying for non-Christian friends, volunteering to work in Special Olympics, planning a Huddle meeting as an outreach to the school, adopting a family through Prison Fellowship at Christmas, sharing your testimony with a friend, giving a speech in speech class on "Why I am a Christian," participating in a community food drive for needy families.

So, an FCA Huddle is not:
*  A group that appears to have all the answers

A group led by a person who does all the talking

Closed to non-Christians

But, an FCA Huddle is:

*  A group committed to growing spiritually

Reaching out to others both in word and deed
*  A place where individuals can participate, feel welcomed and understood


Whether your Huddle has 5 or 500 student athletes, every meeting ought to include activities that further these goals. There may be a particular emphasis at a meeting, but all three (fellowship, growth and outreach) must be kept in mind.   The goal of fellowship encourages us to use programs that are geared toward participation. The goal of growth encourages us to keep the subject matter centered on the Bible. The goal of outreach encourages us to create a hospitable attitude in our Huddle.

Heart of an Athlete
Natalie Kirchhoff
Swimmer, Rice University

Natalie Kirchhoff
shares how she perseveres through hardship in life.

The Huddle Ministry of
Buckeye Border

Currently we have 33 schools participating in the Huddle Ministry in the Buckeye Border Area. 

College Campus:

         Defiance College


High School Campus:



            Clinton (MI)



Liberty Center

North Central
Patrick Henry



            Wayne Trace           

Middle School Campus:


Burr Rd.

            Clinton (MI)

            Morenci (MI)
            Wayne Trace

Coming Soon!
Your school!

Huddle Leader Mike Tippin challenges the Bryan Middle School Huddle.

      Football Chaplain

Rex is continuing to work with Coach Robert Taylor and the staff to assist the team in being the chaplain for the 2008 football season.  After practice on Wednesdays, Rex gives the team a pep talk and then invites the players to attend chapel afterwards.  This year the players Bible study focused on being "Men of Impact."  

Pray for these young men who attend chapel, and the coaches.

     Team Times

Rex, Daniel Vandock, Pastor Mike Martinelli, and other coaches are also running "Team Times."  Basically, we take 
5-7 minutes in practice or at the end of practice to share positive characteristics of a competitor. Maybe it's a talk about commitment, teamwork, attitude, passion, or the focus may on perseverance or peace. It's usually something the players can use on the field/court and off the field/court. Our staff, as well as local youth pastors, or other coaches are willing to come and share - just ask. Team Times are meant to help the coaches and athletes. No agenda. Coaches, if you are already doing something like a "Team Time" with your team, please let our office know, so that we can be praying for you!   This fall we will be working with 8-10 teams!

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