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Why We Need FCA in Northwest Ohio

I was walking to work last year and I came across a golf ball embedded into the dirt.  I dug it out and carried it with me.  When I arrived to the parking lot I did what every guy naturally does, I bounced the ball.  The ball hit the pavement and barely bounced.  I'm not a golf pro, but I do know that something had gone wrong with this ball.  It should have bounced higher.  I took the ball with me to a leadership training session that hour and challenged six teens to make the ball look like new.  They did.  They washed, scrubbed, and did all they could do to give it an extreme makeover.  We took the ball outside and it still didn't bounce.  Although we did all we could to make that ball look great on the outside, nothing changed on the inside - it lost its bounce.
We are the same way as human beings.  We can do everything in the world to improve our outward appearance, but it still leaves us empty on the inside.  We need something within to change us - we need a Savior, Jesus Christ.  When He comes into our life, there is more than a bounce, there is impact!  That is our mission with Fellowship of Christian Athletes: to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.  By the way, the name of the ball - Impact.


"FCA has made such a huge impact on my life which is something too hard to put into words.  As a student leader on a college campus, the FCA ministry has challenged me beyond what I ever imagined, and it has greatly strengthened my walk with the Lord."                                                   

     - Jared Sponseller, Defiance College Student Leader


"I really feel that FCA has had a huge impact on my life.  I get my battery recharged with each bible study or huddle meeting, and I feel that the kids do too."     
- Joe Frank, Archbold High School Huddle Leader and Coach


"FCA has been and continues to be a great influence upon my life.  Over a 32 year period, from the time I was a huddle member in high school, to being a coach and huddle advisor in the public schools, FCA has been an important part of my life.  FCA has given me the opportunity to build many life-long and eternal friendships over the years, through FCA events, camps and retreats.  FCA has provided me a much needed balance between being an athlete, coaching and my faith in Jesus Christ."   
     - Glenn Christiansen, Evergreen Middle School Huddle Leader and Coach


"It has been my privilege to be associated with FCA for the past ten years of my adult life, both in NW Ohio and Chicago.  I have yet to find any other ministry that has such an impact on the lives of our young people.  The FCA ministry is here for such a time as this."       
     - Dave Nafziger, Co-Chair Board Member of Buckeye Border FCA


"I have been fortunate to see FCA in action through a variety of positions.  Through a coaches eyes I have witnessed student athletes drawing closer to Christ on the playing field. They now understand their role and God's role in their participation.  As an adult huddle leader I have seen students become new leaders within their peers, students that are not afraid to present their faith in Christ.  It has been a pure delight working with other Christians on the board of directors to help support Rex Stump and all his efforts in the N. W. Ohio Buckeye Boarder Region FCA.  Our world is being impacted for Jesus Christ through all of these areas.  I am honored to be able to be a part of God's plan."

     - Kim Pepple, Bryan High School Co-Huddle Leader, High School Coach, and Board of Director


"FCA Camp was something that my entire family looked forward to all year.  The lessons learned and friendships made have continued throughout our lives."

     - Tim Mainord, Co-Chair Board Member of Buckeye Border FCA


"FCA has been such a blessing in my life this year.  I was a little apprehensive at the start of the year, just because I didn't know how the students would respond to the Bible study topics and how comfortable they would be sharing with a group of peers.  I have been truly amazed though at how committed to God these kids are.  As a huddle leader God has worked in me through these kids.  I can't even begin to describe the feelings that touch my heart when we have students who want to share their favorite Bible verses with the group, or who aren't afraid to volunteer to lead a prayer or to ask for a prayer request.  Many of these students truly have a fire inside of them and it is just amazing how God works within their lives to impact me as an adult."

     - Amy Kreiner, Burr Rd. Middle School Huddle Leader and Coach

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