Impacting Northwest Ohio

Prayer Requests

Campus Ministry:

- Pray for new contacts to made in schools where FCA has no presence.
- Pray for our existing 37 Huddles across the Northwest corner of Ohio!
- Pray for the Huddle leaders and student leaders.
- Pray for the salvation of our students and coaches!
- Pray for Team Times, as our staff and coaches encourage the athletes with TRUTH

Coaches Ministry:
- Pray for our coaches as they live out a godly example to our athletes.
- Pray for the coaches spouses during the coaching season. 
- Pray for our coaches who are under pressure to succeed and struggle finding peace.

Camps Ministry:
- Pray for the upcoming camps and camping season.
- Pray that God will staff our camps with strong Christian coaches.
- Pray for our plans in this summers camp ministry.

Community Ministry:
- Pray for our Board as they give direction and support the local ministry of FCA.
- Pray for our Home Team members, that God will bless them as they have made financial commitments to the ministry of FCA.  Each Home Team member has struggles and concerns, financial pressures and spiritual battles - pray for those who are financially supporting FCA, that they may be blessed!
- Pray for continued financial support!  We need to keep raising the funds.
- Pray for our board members who are dealing with issues outside FCA: 
- Pray for us as we are trying to develop and add new board members, that God will show us who to invite to be a board member.

Pray for Josh Erd, as we plan to hire Josh to our staff in this upcoming year.  Josh will focus on Camp and Clinic Ministry of FCA, as well as launching FCA Baseball in the NW Ohio area.

Pray for new schools to launch Huddles and become involved in the ministry of FCA.

Pray for Jenny and I as we continue to raise our financial support - may this not be a distraction from doing the ministry God has laid on our hearts.

URGENT: Pray for our financial needs!!!  Giving is down this year...

* If you have a prayer request that you would like others to join in prayer for, send your requests to rstump@fca.org

Praise God for those who are financially stepping up and helping with this ministry.

Praise God for the many "Team Times" - over 22 this current school year!

Praise God for the many Huddles and student leaders who are faithfully meeting and challenging their peers with messages of hope from God's Word.

Praise the Lord for opportunities for our students to be a witness!

Praise the Lord for blessing us weekly with touches of His love.

We praise God that he is unchanging, loving, forgiving, and full of grace, strength, and peace!  

* Send your praises to rstump@fca.org

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